Call Waiting????

January 15, 2014  1 Samuel 3:1-10, 19-20;  Mark 1:29-39

Guest Blogger: smas

Samuel … could have used caller ID!

Three times, he hears a call from God … three times … he mistakes the voice calling him … he thinks it is Eli, his mentor and is sent back to bed.

God called … but Samuel did not recognize the voice of the Lord.  Samuel was in training … he still did not have a strong, established relationship with God … so he misses the call.

Notice … Eli was not so swift either … it took him a while (four tries) to help Samuel realize that it was God’s voice he was hearing.

Samuel responds and receives the grace and blessings he needed to accomplish what God called him to do.

What does this mean for us?  Like Samuel … we need to be listening … we need to be open to act on what we hear.  The call from God required Samuel to change his routine … disturbed his sleep … we need to be willing to be disturbed from our routine.

God may speak to us in ways we do not expect … maybe some sudden … or not so sudden … insight.  Maybe something occurs to us in prayer … or maybe something someone says or does gives us food for thought.

In this New Year … let us pray that we may be open and responsive to God’s call … however … and whenever it comes to us.



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