the Kingdom of God is within

January 31, 2014     2 Samuel 11:1-4a, 5-10a,13-17;    Mark 4:26-34

All of us have enough life experience to know the truth that good and evil co-exist in our world.

King David loved the Lord … yet today we see an example of how the worst can surface in any one of us.  David is overcome by sexual desire … he enters into an adulterous relationship … and then arranges a murder.

God’s chosen one sins … he does not even seem remorseful.  This is a clear manifestation of how strong an unseen force can be … in this case … it is an evil force.

Today’s Gospel seems unrelated … what does growing seeds have to do with anything?  Yet … think about what makes the seeds grow … it is an unseen force … the process is unseen … the power for good is at work.

These two readings … when taken together … highlight how both good and evil are at work around us.

As we listen to God’s Word … we cannot deny the existence of evil … but … we can choose to nurture seeds of goodness in our world.

When we come together every morning to hear God’s Word and partake in Eucharist … we demonstrate our belief that following Jesus is the way to salvation and healing of our world.

We hear the words of Jesus telling us … that the Kingdom of God is within.

May we have the grace to let our unseen forces of kindness … generosity and caring …build up God’s kingdom on earth.


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