James and Mark complement

February 21, 2014    James 2:14-24, 26;     Mark 8:34 – 9:1

In today’s readings … James and Mark complement each other  on the theme of discipleship.  In the letter from James … we have an explanation of faith and works.  To be a disciple … James tells us is to believe and do!

In the Gospel of Mark … Jesus lets the crowd and His disciples know what following Him entails … follow His way and live differently!

We reach heaven by following in Jesus’ footsteps.  Discipleship calls us to follow … to be willing to stay true to what Jesus teaches.

Those who could not follow Jesus and chose to hang on to what they had … in the end went away sad … they lost their wholeness.

Staying faithful to the ways of God … being a true disciple … is challenging and involves some risk.

We reach God when we reach out to those around us.  As we heard in the Gospel … we must be willing to deny self and accept the hardship of the cross.  As Jesus showed us … the way to resurrection is through the cross.

Let us not be confused.

May we have the grace to be followers of Jesus … to live faithfully as His people.

Let us joyfully acknowledge that we belong to God … and are willing to walk in God’s ways.

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