We are in this together

thFebruary 26, 2014       James 4:13-17;         Mark 9:38-40

What a challenge we have presented to us in today’s readings!

At the cost of being simplistic … we might say they present warnings to us about arrogance … about thinking we are so in control that we forget about our dependence and relationship with God.

James reminds us not to be so self-reliant that we factor God out of the equation.  He reminds us that we need to find God in the realities of our daily lives … to be in harmony with God’s will … God’s plan for us.

In the Gospel … the Apostle John displays the arrogance of a closed mind.

John seems to indicate that only the followers of Jesus … that small club … should get credit for bringing Christ to the people.

Jesus quickly corrects his spiritual elitism … and broadens the view … “whoever is not against us … is for us”, Jesus says.  Jesus seems to indicate that wherever there is love … and service … there is God.  Wherever there is the invocation of Jesus’ name … He is there.  The work of the kingdom belongs to all of us … not just a select group.

May we recognize that we each have a contribution to make in spreading the kingdom … and that all of our gifts come from a loving God.  We are in this together … let us recognize the spirit of God among us and call upon the name of the Lord.


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