April 9, 2014 Daniel 3:14-20, 91-92, 95; John 8:31-42

Guest Blogger:  smasth

April 9, 2014  Daniel 3:14-20, 91-92, 95; John 8:31-42


Today’s readings challenge us to remain faithful and courageous in following the Lord.

In the first reading … we hear that incredible story of three young men who believed strongly in their God … and refused to compromise their faith … even though it meant certain death. God’s intervention not only saved them … but also resulted in the king’s conversion and an end to his persecutions.

Today’s Gospel echoes that idea of doing what is right … even in the face of death. Jesus obeys the heavenly Father … and that path certainly was not easy.

As this Lenten season draws close to an end … we are reminded of how wonderful God is … how God “mixes with us” … and intervenes in our lives … delivering us from harm.

Let us praise and thank God who saved Shadrach … Mishach … and Abednego from the white-hot furnace.

Let us praise and thank God who sent His Son Jesus to save us from sin and bring us the hope of life everlasting.

Let us praise and thank God for bringing us through this Lenten season … giving us hope … even in times of trail.

May we remain faithful in living our lives centered in God.

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