Spy Wednesday

th4Today is Holy Wednesday, also called Spy Wednesday, as we draw closer to the end of Lent and the beginning of the commemoration of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of the Lord. Today the Mass readings again show Judas Iscariot making the preparations to betray Our Lord. And, today, he is given 30 pieces of silver to turn over Our Lord and bring about His death and horrible suffering. Lent officially ends tomorrow night at the moment the Mass of the Lord’s Supper begins.

The Mass readings today show Judas as he is – a liar and a betrayer. Judas brought about the Passion of Jesus. And, in light of a recent “gospel” of Judas, I must again state that Judas should not be praised but he should not be condemned either. Our sins also condemned Jesus to die. However, repentance is the key factor. St. Peter would deny the Lord and Judas would betray Him, but St. Peter is forgiven because of His repentance. Many saints have said that if Judas would have repented then he could have been saved. But, Judas never asked for forgiveness and instead ran off and killed himself. The view presented in the Gnostic “gospel” of Judas is anything but the truth.

And, look at the Gospel from today again. The eleven faithful disciples called Jesus “Lord”, but what does Judas call Him? Judas calls him “rabbi” meaning “teacher”. After 3 years of seeing Jesus heal, perform miracles, and raise the dead, Judas only calls Him “teacher”. Judas has no faith.


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