surprise … fear … wonder … and freedom.


Guest blogger: smas

May 27, 2014  Acts 16:22-34;           John 16:5-11

The drama in today’s first reading unfolds as surprise … fear … wonder … and freedom.

Paul and Silas have rocked the boat … are in prison and heavily guarded. God intervenes with a surprise earthquake that breaks them out of bondage. Fearing that on his watch … all prisoners have escaped … the guard sees no way out and intends to kill himself. Paul’s intervention prevents that from happening … the jailer is saved from death … is converted and baptized. Surprise … fear … wonder … and freedom are all present in this single event.

Our God is full of surprises … and always at work in our lives. Maybe not as dramatically as in the first reading … but certainly through marvelous and surprising ways.

This is reinforced with the promise Jesus leaves with us in the Gospel … the promise of an Advocate … the Holy Spirit to guide us and gift us through our moments of surprise … fear … wonder … and freedom.

God is with us … He will never fail us.

May we trust in God through our life’s surprises!DSCF7126

photo by smas

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