missionary journey


Guest blogger:  smas

May 28, 2014 Acts 17: 15,22-18:1; John16:12-15

We continue to follow Paul on his missionary journey … and find him in Athens, Greece. Paul masterfully uses what is familiar to the people to take them to new levels. The Athenians already worshipped many gods … and even ensured they wouldn’t forget any by including an “unknown” god.

Paul uses this “unknown” to refocus their attention and identify who that “unknown” god might be … he identifies the One, True God; the Lord of heaven and earth.

Paul’s openness to the Spirit enabled him to remain zealous in his preaching … and some of the Athenians became believers. God worked through Paul to bring some to salvation.

In the Gospel … Jesus continues to speak about giving the Spirit to His followers. He promises the Spirit of Truth … to guide them and confirm the teachings they have heard from Jesus.

In St. Paul … we see the power of the Holy Spirit and the words of Jesus being actualized and realized.

Indeed … we too need the guidance of the Holy Spirit to remain faithful to the truth.

May we remain open and cooperate with the Holy Spirit to grow in faith and to be instruments of God’s love.



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