June 2, 2014 Acts 19:1-8; John 16:29-33

Guest blogger: smas


thJune 2, 2014      Acts 19:1-8;      John 16:29-33

In today’s first reading … we hear about Paul and how he brings new life to the people … baptizing them … and calling the Holy Spirit into their lives.

In the Gospel … we find the disciples declaring how enlightened they are … they say that now they understand what Jesus is all about.

In this week before Pentecost … Jesus asks the disciples AND us … Now do you believe?

… and just like the disciples … our answer is … of course we believe … so why even ask that question!

Jesus was warning the disciples that their faith would be challenged. They would have to stand on their own … so the question really is … will your faith sustain you?

We have an advantage over the disciples … we have knowledge and the gift of the Holy Spirit to strengthen us in the face of challenge. We receive the gift of fortitude to strengthen our resolve and overcome fears and challenges.

Let us pray to the Spirit for this gift … that our faith may remain strong … that we may grow in the face of challenges … that our faith may sustain us.


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