moment of recognition


thJune 25, 20142 Kings 22:8-13, 23:1-3; Matt 7:15-20

Guest blogger: smas

Did you ever see something growing and wonder what it will be? Then … one day … a flower or a fruit appears … and you recognize the plant.

That moment of recognition is what Jesus refers to today when He says … “by their fruits you will know them.”

In order to get an apple … or a bean … or a rose … the essence must be there.

It’s like that with our lives … the essence is what shows through in our behavior. “By their fruits … you will know them.”

Our beliefs and actions are connected … our “fruits” say something about our essence.

In today’s Gospel … Jesus includes all of us in the analogy. The fruit of a disciple is marked by faith … hope … love … patience … prudence … gentleness and so much more.

As Jesus said … it is not possible for a good tree to produce bad fruit … so … basic integrity and goodness are precious qualities that are not always easy for us humans to achieve.

Jesus calls us today to be genuine people … to cultivate good … and bear the fruits of the Spirit that show us to be His followers.

May our essence be known by our fruits!

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