The prophet Amos was very blunt


For Monday

June 30, 2014 Amos 2:6-10;13-16;   Matt 8:18-22


The prophet Amos was very blunt … he called ‘em as he saw ‘em. In today’s reading … Amos points out our vulnerabilities … and notes the evil taking place in his time. He condemns the disregard for life … the injustice to the poor … the lack of reverence for the temple … the disrespect for relationships … and the corruption of society that he see around him.

Amos warns the people that ignoring the ways of God leads to disaster.

In today’s Gospel … Jesus is rather blunt … follow Me, He says. Leave what you know and take on a new life.

These readings are straightforward in affirming the need for faithfulness to God and the values and virtues of living a Christian life.

May we renew within ourselves … the commitment to follow in God’s ways … to practice the values and virtues that identify us as children of God … created in His image and likeness.


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