July 7, 2014 desperate these situations


thJuly 7, 2014     Hosea 2:16, 17b-18, 21-22Matthew 9:18-26

In today’s Gospel … there are two stories that reveal unconditional faith coming from two very different kinds of people … a synagogue leader … and a woman … who despite their different roles … act in a very similar way. Both express a need… both demonstrate great faith. Both are fearless … almost bold in proclaiming faith in the power of Jesus.

How desperate these situations were!

Yet, a woman suffering for twelve years … does not give up. She believes that IF she could just touch the cloak of Jesus she would be cured. The official pleads for the life of his daughter … who … seemingly is dead. He asks Jesus to just come and IF Jesus lays His hand on her … he believes she will live.

What faith they had … what power they called forth from Jesus.

Jesus is clear in His response to them. He tells the woman … “your faith has saved you”. And He tells the father of the girl … “she is not dead”.

Jesus shows Himself to be the Lord of Life. He restores the girl’s physical life and restores her back to her family. He restores the woman’s health that allows her back into the life of the community. Both are made whole.

May we have the faith to trust and be convinced that God will never forsake us if we have the courage to ask for His compassion in whatever life experiences we encounter.

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