July 10, 2014 It’s free!

thJuly 10, 2014      Hosea 11:1-4, 8c-9;       Matthew 10:7-15

It’s free!

How often do we stop and think about how blessed we are by our loving God who has freely given each of us gifts, and talents?

The words from today’s Gospel are direct, “without cost you have been given … without cost you are to give”.

Jesus instructs His disciples today to use what they have been given.

The mandate to us … is to use the gifts that we have received … and freely give of them to others.

When we realize the gifts given to the disciples … healing the sick … raising the dead … casting out demons …our gifts may pale. Yet … we are in a different age … and our gifts …humble as they may be … are needed.

Sometimes we fail to see how wonderful and meaningful our gifts are.

We may not recognize the potential of a listening ear or a caring hug … yet … so often when we give those gifts … just that little bit … can make a huge difference in someone’s day or life!

The miracles that happen around us may not be huge … showy … or unusual … but they are happening. Fullness of life unfolds before our eyes … we just need to step back … recognize … and appreciate.

We share the mandate of building up God’s Kingdom with the disciples. May we do that … freely … each sharing our own unique gifts with others.

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