Finding … winning


July 30, 2014   Jeremiah 15:10, 16-21        Matthew 13:44-46

Finding … winning … or coming upon treasure can be life changing.

In today’s readings we hear about treasure.

Jeremiah rediscovers the treasure he has been given as a spokesperson of God. Even though he moans and groans … God speaks to Jeremiah and calls him back to renew his call. Jeremiah’s life gets turned around as he returns to God’s service.

In the Gospel … Jesus says the Kingdom of Heaven is a treasure. In fact … this treasure is so great … that … once found … no sacrifice or resource would be overlooked in obtaining it. In the Gospel story … the person and the merchant do everything they can to own the treasure. Their lives change once they discover the treasure.

So … what about us?

Are we in the treasure hunt?

If we want to turn our lives around … if we want to possess the Kingdom of God … we need to direct our efforts at doing everything we can to gain that treasure.

Through God’s grace and our efforts and struggles … may our focus be on obtaining the treasure of God’s Kingdom.


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