tough lesson to swallow


August 14, 2014              Ezechiel 12:1-12, 13-14      Matthew 18:21-19:1

Today in the Gospel we read about Jesus’ strong teaching on the need to forgive others. It’s a tough lesson to swallow.

Jesus teaches and extends Himself … shows compassion and mercy … models His teaching … and here comes Peter … displaying his humanness … asking for a formula for forgiveness. Peter even suggests a limit … maybe seven times?

Like Peter … we all could track a few instances of forgiveness … but Jesus stretches the idea way beyond a finite number. Jesus drives home the message … forgive as you are forgiven … countless times!

Through the parable … Jesus broadens the thinking of Peter … and by extension … our thinking … to move from some countable forgiveness bank … to an infinite … forgiving attitude where mercy and forgiveness are limitless.

We have an expectation that God will forgive us every time … it should be no different for us. If God has forgiven us many times over … we need to do the same.

Loving and forgiving are non-negotiable requirements for living as disciples of Jesus. May we all be limitless in forgiveness.


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