“He went away sad


thAugust 18, 2014              Ezechiel 24:15-24          Matthew 19:16-22

“He went away sad … for he had many possessions”.

How could someone who has everything … be sad?

In today’s Gospel … the young man has wealth … he leads a good life … he keeps the commandments … YET … there’s something missing … he asks for some formula to gain eternal happiness.

He wasn’t quite prepared for the answer. One thing was missing … he needed separation from the attachment he had to his possessions.

Once Jesus tells him what he must do … that’s the end of the conversation … the young man says nothing more … he goes away sad! He just wasn’t quite there … he wasn’t ready to give his earthly possessions in exchange for the perfection of having his treasure in heaven.

Jesus wasn’t trying to make a pauper out of him … but He WAS trying to broaden the man’s perspective and attitude about how this man dealt with his treasures.

God asked more than the man’s heart could accept.

Bringing the message to our lives … we ask … are we prepared to hear God speak to OUR hearts?

Can we hear the tough words and follow?

Let us thank God for the blessings and gifts we have … AND … let us pray for one another that we may be generous with what we have and long for heavenly treasure.


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