Twists in today’s Gospel

thSeptember 4, 2014         1 Cor 3:18-23;   Luke 5:1-11

Guest blogger: smas, cssf

There are some twists in today’s Gospel that we could miss because the story is so familiar to us.

Looking again with fresh eyes gives us another perspective. The story begins with men dedicated to their job … but it ends with men dedicated to Jesus.

The professional fishermen were unsuccessful after toiling all night. Along comes a carpenter … a preacher … telling Peter, the expert … to recast the nets. Clearly … the conditions are not right … yet … for some reason … Simon (later named Peter) … senses something special about this Jesus … and follows the teacher’s command.

What happens next is way beyond belief! The nets are overflowing!

Without the Lord … they caught nothing. With the Lord … they could barely haul their catch in!

They may have caught fish … but in reality THEY were hooked! They were caught up in the Lord and leave everything to become followers of Jesus.

Perhaps we could spend a little time today to think about our own lives and how we have been “hooked” and turned around through our encounters with Jesus.

What overabundant catch of blessings will we haul in when God jumps into the nets of our hearts today?


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