Would Paul like the way we behave???

September 9, 2014     1 Corinthians 6:1-11;   Luke 6:12-19

Guest blogger: smas, cssfth

As we hear in today’s first reading … St. Paul is not happy with the behavior of the Christians in Corinth. Rather than being patient, loving and merciful with one another … they are being vindictive and judgmental. To make things even worse … they are bringing suits against one another … choosing to settle their differences in pagan courts.

Paul expresses how this behavior is contrary to the Christian way of life. He tries to get them to understand that they need to treat one another with a justice that is tempered by mercy … that they need to live like brothers and sisters in Christ … to be loving … merciful and forgiving.

That was difficult for the Corinthians … and it is often difficult for us too.

Gratefully … God is way different than we are. The scriptures make it clear that God’s justice is experienced in His merciful love. That’s the model for us … and Paul tells us … we are sanctified and washed clean … justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

May we live out who we are … and act with mercy and love.


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