September 22, 2014 Proverbs 3:27-34; Luke 8:16-18

September 22, 2014        Proverbs 3:27-34;   Luke 8:16-18

As the Jewish people wandered through the desert to the Promised Land … they were oppressed and enslaved by the people of other nations. It was a challenge to try to preserve their culture … their customs … and their faith in the midst of dominating societies.

Common sense … faith … and human wisdom played a great role in this struggle.

The Book of Proverbs … from which our first reading was taken … is a collection of moral and religious instructions intended to teach future generations. Proverbs teaches that we are never to make evil plans against another.

That message from Proverbs is much like the message in today’s Gospel … let goodness shine. The Gospel makes clear that having gifts … talents … resources … and hiding them … is contrary to what Jesus taught. Jesus is the Light of the world shining out for all to see.

That’s our example.

If we are really following the Gospel … we need to develop and use the inner light that we all have … and spread it around.

May the baptismal light within each one of us … shine … as we follow the call of Christ to imitate Him and bring light and love to those around us.


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