“Vanity of vanities … All is vanity”

September 25, 2014        Ecclesiates 1:2-11;   Luke 9:7-9

Today’s first reading begins with a rather interesting thrust and use of repetition to emphasize the message. It says … “Vanity of vanities … All is vanity” … basically saying that life is meaningless … IF … it is not in relationship with God.

The purpose is not to instill fear or discouragement … but rather … to bring about a realistic awareness of the ultimate purpose for living … to develop a God-centered world view. “Nothing is new under the sun” the passage tells us … because God is the originator of all.

Ecclesiastes teaches that the way to holiness is to use and transform what is natural … into an expression of the spiritual.

The message is straight forward … life on earth lacks substance without God in the picture. The living out of that message calls us to conscious awareness that we reflect the God within.

We live in the light of the Resurrection … in the promise of eternity. What truly matters is our relationship with God. It is our relationship with God that enables us to elevate the mundane to a level that reflects the presence of God within us.

Let us each be aware that … all is futile … unless we act from the dignity that is ours as God-centered people.


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