Job didn’t deserve to suffer

September 30, 2014        Job 3:1-3, 11-17, 20/23;   Luke 9:51-56

In today’s readings we see different people pleading for God’s involvement in their life situations.

We hear Job … lamenting over his misery. He complains about his fate. The problems he faced were just too much to bear … he sees no future for himself … and he pours out his emotions to the Lord. It’s the “WHY ME?” feeling that we too may experience.

Job didn’t deserve to suffer … but his lament led him beyond himself … so … knowing that only the Lord could hear him … he makes his plea for deliverance. What a great testament to Job’s faith!

The disciples also knew to whom to make their pleas. They ask Jesus for retaliation … they want punishment levied on those who reject them. Jesus takes care of that by scolding them for asking for something that is unproductive.

Maybe the plea or motivation were not right … but the disciples sure knew where to turn when they felt maligned.

So … for us … these instances point out the right direction when we feel overwhelmed. Before we react … we need to know where to turn … we need to be people of prayer.

Let us keep God in the picture and continue to pray for the help we need as we go about our daily life.

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