Philippians 2:1-4; Luke 14:12-14

November 3, 2014   Philippians 2:1-4;   Luke 14:12-14

St. Paul addresses the Philippians to emphasize that they need to live in love and unity with one another. This, he tells them, involves serving the needs of one another without division … without jealousy … and without rivalry. Bottom line is the need for humility … having a clear and respectful perspective of where each person fits into the community.

In the Gospel … Jesus teaches that our actions should stem from our love of God and others … with no expectation of a reward. Reciprocity was not in His teaching. This is another reinforcement of the need for humility in serving the needs of others and living in love and unity.

Both of the scripture readings point to being altruistic … to being virtuous in dealing with others … even if … there is no apparent return on our investment.

We are reminded that being “uncaring” has no place in the Christian community … and that our attitude plays an important role in our outward behavior.

These are good lessons for us to take to heart.

As we ponder these readings today … let us support one another by leading lives of humble service to God and to each other.

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