December 1, 2014 Isaiah 2:1-5; Matthew 8:5-11

December 1, 2014   Isaiah 2:1-5;   Matthew 8:5-11

Welcome to Advent! This is the season in the Church year that we are especially called to be alert to the ways God comes to us in our daily lives. We concentrate on renewal … and like the people in the first reading … we look for peace amid a world full of turmoil.

A closer look at today’s healing episode in the Gospel … is a bit different from other healing stories. Generally … it is the people who are in and around the story that are amazed at the healing power of Jesus. In this Gospel … there is a shift … it is Jesus who is amazed.

What is it that surprises Jesus?

The Roman Centurion is a Gentile and probably a pagan … yet he approaches Jesus … a Jewish Rabbi to ask for healing for his sick servant. The centurion serves the oppressive Roman government … yet he shows tremendous courage and faith when he makes this humble plea. He asks … and believes so much in Jesus’ power … that he even suggests that all Jesus has to do is say the word … and his servant will be healed.

This is what amazes Jesus!

Just before communion … we say the words of the centurion … “Lord I am not worthy … but say the word … and my soul will be healed.” Let us be conscious of what a great expression of faith this is … and may our prayer be humble and faith filled … and we too, will be healed!

During this Advent season … may we be people who walk in the light of the Lord … people of deep faith and hope.


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