Friday Isaiah 29:17-24

Isaiah 29:17-24

Reflection by Sister M. Rosita  Brennan, cssf

The reading from Isaiah reiterates the theme begun on Sunday and continued throughout this first week of Advent–life as it should be lived on God’s holy mountain and the Peaceable Kingdom.  As we consider and ponder our world today we cannot but long for a glimpse of life on God’s holy mountain were we will be well, where the deaf will hear, the blind will see, the lowly will find joy and all will abide in peace.  There appears to be so much sadness and pain in our world that we beg for an end to oppression, violence, abuse and ultimately war.  We beg for peace on God’s holy mountain.  In the Gospel we hear Jesus query us:  “Do you believe that I can do this?” and his response “Let it be done … according to YOUR faith.”  During this advent we must strengthn our belief and then turn it into action for peace, first in our hearts for one another and then for others.


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