Saturday – Isaiah 30: 19-21; 23-26;

A voice shall sound in your ears. This is the way: walk in it. (Is 30:21)

Reflection by Sister Mary Marcia Rydzewski, cssf

DSCF7127Advent is a time of waiting, but not still and sterile waiting.  It is a time of creative expectancy, of inner stillness and outer silence.  It is a time to gaze through the windows of my heart — an Advent person in the presence of an Advent God.  It is a time to immerse myself in he sacred, to let God encircle my life, stretch my soul, and reach as high as I can.

I hear the clarion call of Advent to come forward, to change my life over and over.  It is a call to transformation of my soul’s life made little by little, day by day, year by year as I say my “Yes” and express my willingness to meet the demands of an Advent God.  Thomas Merton expresses the meaning of Advent well when he says the Advent mystery is the beginning of all that is in me which is not Christ.

I am an Advent person moving toward an Advent God.  As I contemplate the advent mystery, I am reminded that through God’s grace, I will be born many times in my life.  I am also reminded that with each birth, there is a death.  Something must die that there be new birth.  Yes, a voice sounds in my ear: This is the way.  Walk in it.

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