Sirach 48:1-4; Matthew 17:9a, 10-13

Sirach 48:1-4; Matthew 17:9a, 10-13

Reflection by Sister Mary Janice Anne Nalitz, cssf

Today’s reading relate some of the story of Elijah and his role in converting the people for their IMG_0082life with God.  In the Gospel, Jesus tells us that Elijah is to come to restore all things, and then continues at verse 12 ..”but I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him but did to hm whatever they pleased.  So also will the Son of Man suffer at their hands.”  We hear Jesus’ pronouncement that those who try to bring about the kingdom of God will suffer for this end.

In those days,
like a fire there appeared the prophet Elijah
whose words were as a flaming furnace.
Their staff of bread he shattered,
in his zeal he reduced them to straits;
By the Lord’s word he shut up the heavens
and three times brought down fire.
How awesome are you, Elijah, in your wondrous deeds!
Whose glory is equal to yours?
You were taken aloft in a whirlwind of fire,
in a chariot with fiery horses.
You were destined, it is written, in time to come
to put an end to wrath before the day of the LORD,
To turn back the hearts of fathers toward their sons,
and to re-establish the tribes of Jacob.
Blessed is he who shall have seen you
and who falls asleep in your friendship.



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