1 Samuel 1:24-28 Luke 1:46-56

December 22, 2014     1 Samuel 1:24-28   Luke 1:46-56

Reflection by Sister Mary Albertine Stachowski, cssf

In today’s readings we encounter three mothers … and three miracle children.

Consider Hannah … who was barren … but was relentless in prayer …and late in life was blessed with a child … Samuel. She knows that the son she bore was special and that he was destined for some outstanding service to God and His people. Hannah gives that most precious gift of her son back to the Lord.

Mary also was pregnant with a miracle child … Jesus … as she visits her cousin Elizabeth who also was advanced in age … yet was carrying a child by the power and mercy of God … he was to be John the Baptist who prepared the way for the Lord.

The responsorial psalm today ties these all together expressing the profound joy and gratitude of these three mothers … “my heart exults in God my savior”. Notice the word EXULT … it is far more than just being happy!

Then … the Gospel sings out with Mary’s song … the Magnificat. It is a song of profound gratitude … acknowledging joy and humility in a proclamation of God’s greatness.

Just like our ancient ancestors … we have waited and prayed this Advent for the coming of a miracle child. Be assured … God has come … and dwells in our midst.

The miracle is with us every day!  We are blessed, indeed!

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