It was not so easy!

Reflection by Sister M. Albertine Stachowski, cssf

January 9, 2015 1 John 5:5-13; Luke 5:12-16

The wonders that Jesus worked … the healings … the raisings from the dead … the feeding of multitudes … the forgiveness of sins … certainly made people take notice. You would think it would make the people recognize Him as the Messiah they were anxiously awaiting.

It was not so easy!

They were awaiting and expecting a powerful, earthly king … a king who would even the score for them against their enemies.   It’s true … Jesus displayed great power through all He did … but He did not fit their vision of what the Messiah would or should be like.

So … they missed recognizing what was in their midst.

Jesus did work wonders … but that was not the whole picture. He came to bring a fullness of life that was beyond the visible. Jesus came to be more than a “fixer” of problems … He is the Lord … the lover of us all … the Savior … the One showing us the way to an eternal kingdom.

Let us pray for one another today … that we may stretch our own expectations and vision … to see the hand of God in our daily situations. Let us not miss seeing the whole picture!


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