Taking on human nature

January 14, 2015    Hebrews 2:14-18   Mark 1: 29-39

Today’s first reading puts God’s love for us in perspective. That love was so great that Jesus took on our nature and was like us in all things … except sin.

Taking on human nature … He knew hunger … loneliness … fear … anxiety. This is our assurance that He understands our needs and weaknesses. It gives us confidence that we are not alone on our life’s journey.

This reality of God becoming human is comforting because it assures us that we too can reach higher things … especially if we follow the example of Jesus.

In the Gospel … we see a display of both the humanity and the divinity of Jesus.

Jesus visits … cures … blesses … restores … and goes off by Himself to pray before moving on to meet others where they live and work.

Jesus has a mission to fulfill … and He is not shy about it. He also shows us how to sustain the energy needed to carry on a mission … he does one very important thing … and that is to go off to pray. Prayer helped strengthen Him to preach and heal as He moved about.

That can be a lesson for us. Prayer provides us a way to express our reliance on God … to ask for guidance … and to trust. Jesus gives the example … we too can turn to prayer for the strength to carry out the mission that is uniquely ours.


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