if we listen with different ears

January 28, 2015  Hebrews 10:11-18; Mark 4:1-20

Today’s Gospel is a familiar one. The lesson seems obvious … so we may have a tendency to tune out … and follow only the thought path we heard so many times … the seed is God’s Word that gets blocked by the rocks and weeds of anxiety … fear … materialism and shallow faith. That’s a rather passive mode … and an easy out.

But … if we listen with different ears … and adjust our lens … we can refocus and put ourselves actively in the picture.   We can see ourselves not just as receivers of the Word … but doers … responding to the Word of God that we receive … and … nurturing that word to enrich our faith lives.

So the obvious question is … if I am actively in this picture … how can I enrich the soil of my heart to nurture the seed of God’s word?

To enrich the soil of our hearts and cultivate God’s word … we can … and do … make the effort to attend Mass or a Communion Service … we might read and study God’s word in Sacred Scripture … we may read about the church initiatives … or discuss our faith and practices with others. Active participation in our faith life gives us new ears … clearer lenses … and helps our hearts become richer soil for God’s word … so that the Good News of the Gospel can be shared and spread.

Today … may we concentrate on cultivating a humble heart that is receptive to God’s word.

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