stir up the pot

January 29, 2015     Hebrews 10:19-25;   Mark 4:21-25

In today’s reading from Hebrews … we are encouraged to “rouse one another … to love and to do good works”.

To rouse means to stir up the pot a bit … to agitate … to move … to budge and nudge. These are action words. The scripture calls us to be active in the practice of our faith. To be active in sharing the good news of Christ with those around us.

The Gospel does something similar. Jesus encourages us to show what we believe … to radiate the inner light of Christ. This Gospel calls us to throw off … to shed … to unveil anything that hinders the light of Christ within us … from being visible to others.

Jesus called Himself the light of the world. We are called to keep that light alive in our world. Further … Jesus teaches us to use what we have been given… that inner light of Christ … and share it with others. The more we share … the more we will have our spirits replenished.

It brings to mind the Prayer of St. Francis: “it is in giving that we receive”.

God will never let us down. If we use His grace … more will be given to us. There is an unending supply!

May we hear and internalize … then live God’s Word.

May we clearly show by who we are and what we do … that the Word is alive among us.

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One thought on “stir up the pot

  1. Sister Joyce King

    Amen! Rouse and Radiate!! A real call to Action!!

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