A Day in the Life

St. Josephine Bakhita, unofficial patron of victims of trafficking

Acting Franciscan

Reflection for 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time by Sr. Marie Lucey, FAN Staff.

Originally posted in our Feb. 2nd newsletter.

In this Sunday’s readings, Mark describes a typical day in the public life of Jesus: he works the evening shift-healing diseases, driving out demons, teaching-then rises early the next morning to pray in a deserted place before beginning the day shift. “For this purpose have I come,” Jesus says, energized by his mission.

On the other hand is Job, who has no energy for his life at this point, sees his life as drudgery, lies awake at night convinced he shall not see happiness again. Most of us have experienced a few or many sleepless nights, “filled with restlessness until the dawn,” worrying about a child in trouble, loss of a job, a sick family member, a weighty decision or (fill in the blank). So we can empathize with…

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