Sunday – March 8th

Thoughts for Your consideration

The gospel story of Jesus’ ‘purification of the temple’ paints Jesus as a reformer – as one who wants to renew the temple and human behavior. Our Christian life is a journey of constant renewal. In every age we are called to renew our personal life, the life of our church, and the life of our world. Our social teaching calls us to a renewal of the values and actions that bind us together as human beings.

Jesus ‘purifies’ the temple, because values have gotten out of whack.

The economic and financial problems of our world invite us to reflect on which of our values that have gotten out of whack.   The racial injustice, ethnic disputes, and religious misunderstandings of our world invite us to reflect on which of our values have gotten out of whack.

Now may be a time to look at the values of our global world that need reform:

  •  a financial system that has placed profits before human needs
  •  an economy that is leaving more and more people unemployed
  •  an economy that has created extreme inequalities between rich and poor
  •  a system that leaves us with more empty houses and more people without homes
  •  a global economy that has left billions of people in poverty
  •  a trading system that is biased against the developing world
  •  an economic system that keeps so many women and children without economic justice
  •  a system of international relationships that is based on military might and that resorts to war and the threat of war
  •  unjust conditions that force millions of people to leave their homes and cultures and become refugees and immigrants
  •  a health care system that does not offer its resources to everyone
  •  a world torn by senseless acts of terrorism and violence
  •  a planet suffering from so many ecological sins.

The list could go on and on. What kind of reform would Jesus call us to today?


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