March 30, 2015 Isaiah 42:1-7; John 12:1-11

Guest blogger: SM Albertine Stachowski, cssf

To the people of Isaiah’s time … a “servant” had a different meaning from what we understand today. When Isaiah speaks of servant … he means a trusted envoy or messenger … a confidential representative.

This passage speaks of this servant as a gentle … non-violent … one who empowers by bringing healing and wholeness. Isaiah is foretelling the mission of Jesus. This servant is called to carry out God’s work and to carry out God’s will.

In the Gospel … Mary … the sister of Lazarus … acts somewhat like a servant as she anoints the feet of Jesus as a sign of reverence. Mary is loved and trusted … and her anointing is symbolic of what was to come. With deep respect and great love … she offers the comfort of oil to Jesus as He faces betrayal … it is a foreshadowing of the anointing of Jesus for His burial.

As we begin Holy Week … we are reminded that the work of God’s servant … has to go on through us. We are to be servants … ready to follow God’s work and carry out His will.

May we be God’s trusted ones … offering comfort to those in need.


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