April 7, 2015 Acts 2:36-41 John 20:11-18

April 7, 2015   Acts 2:36-41    John 20:11-18

Mary Magdalen was a loyal disciple of Jesus. Her life was changed dramatically by her beloved Jesus. Now she weeps at an empty tomb … fearful … panicky … helpless. Jesus was missing from His burial place.

Mary was confused … yet … she seeks the Lord with fervor and intensity … asking where she could find Him. How could anyone ask her why she is weeping … don’t they see? The tomb is empty!

What a challenge.

When Mary finally gets out of herself … out of her panic … she hears the familiar voice of Jesus and recognizes Him. Mary perseveres in looking for her Lord … and Jesus calls her name … releasing her from her anguish.

Mary needed guidance from the Lord … just as we do.

He speaks our name … and … we … like Mary begin to see clearly. Our hope is restored … we experience the comfort of the Lord’s presence.

Mary is given the task of announcing that the Lord is alive. We have that same task.

Jesus had a life changing effect on Mary … it is the same for us.

May Mary’s faith and perseverance inspire each one of us … to seek the Lord … recognize His presence among us … and announce the good news of salvation to all.

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