Acts 3:11-26; Luke 24:35-48

April 9, 2015    Acts 3:11-26;   Luke 24:35-48

Perceptions are difficult to change. The people in the first reading today see … perceive … that Peter cured the beggar. They perceive Peter as a miracle worker … and they crowd around him.

Peter quickly shifts their attention and reminds them that there would be no cure … except through the power of Jesus. It is a teachable moment that Peter uses to remind them WHO is behind miracles.

So far … in this week’s Gospel readings … we have seen Jesus appearing after His resurrection. The women saw Him … Mary perceived Him to be the gardener. In yesterday’s Gospel … the disciples on the road to Emmaus perceived Him as another traveler. Today … we have another appearance … and He is perceived as a ghost.

Just like the previous appearances … WHO He is … is misperceived … UNTIL something familiar … something in the reality of the perceivers tips them off. It may be a voice, like it was calling Mary’s name … or an act like the breaking of the bread and eating that reveals the true identity of the One among us.

It often takes a refocusing to bring perceptions to reality. The resurrection was real … the disciples had to shift their thinking to see that reality.

During this Easter season, especially … let us refocus and rejoice in the resurrected Jesus. He is alive and among us.

May we recognize the signs and rejoice as people of faith.


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