Believing and following Jesus

Guest blogger: SMAlbertine, cssf

Guest blogger: SMAlbertine, cssf

April 14, 2015  Acts 4:32-37;   John 3:7b-15

Today’s first reading may have sounded rather familiar … since it was also the reading we heard on Sunday. It is a snapshot revealing how the early Christians related with one another … and what the early Church was like.

They were of “one heart and one mind”. They cared for one another at a deep level. These early Christians were willing to let go of what they had … in order to provide for all members of the community. They were re-born in the Spirit as they believed and followed Jesus.

In the Gospel … Jesus tells Nicodemus that he must be re-born in the Spirit … that he must live in God’s Spirit.

These same messages are directed to us.

We were re-born in the Spirit at our Baptism when we were given new life in Christ … but it didn’t end there. We need to renew our life in the Spirit daily as we live out our Christian life to the full.

The early Christians gave us an example of letting go … and letting God work through them.

With that example in mind … may we be alive in the Spirit … living as brothers and sisters who care for one another … united in heart and mind … believing and following Jesus.

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