a desire … a craving … a longing

Guest blogger: SMAlbertine, cssf
Guest blogger: SMAlbertine, cssf

April 17, 2015         Acts 5:34-42;   John 6:1-15

When we think of hunger … we immediately think of lack of food … BUT … the definition of hunger can be expanded if we think of it as a yearning … a desire … a craving … a longing.

In the Gospel … we encounter both physical and spiritual hunger.

It is true … the crowd was physically hungry … and Jesus finds a way to satisfy their physical hunger in a most spectacular way. Jesus not only feeds everyone … He also gives them a superabundance … there are leftovers!

Reading a bit deeper into the Gospel passage, though … reveals that the crowd was more than physically hungry … they were following Jesus BECAUSE they saw the signs He was performing on the sick. They hungered for more than food!

The breaking and sharing of the bread is the sign of the Eucharist … the satisfying of physical and spiritual hunger. Jesus satisfies the hunger that only dependence on God can fill.

Jesus calls Himself the “bread of life” … and continues to nourish us through His Word and Sacrament. Let us not miss this sign.

May our understanding of being nourished by the bread of life strengthen and satisfy the hunger in our hearts.


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