Wednesday: When the going gets tough

April 22, 2015  Acts 8:1b-8;   John 6:35-40

Guest blogger: SMAlbertine, cssf

Guest blogger: SMAlbertine, cssf

When the going gets tough … the tough get going!

That is what we see in the first reading today as we read about the difficulties in the early Church just after the martyrdom of Stephen.

There was “severe persecution”. The early Christians were routed from their homes … imprisoned … and scattered. The going got tough!

Yet those early Christians continued to be strong in their convictions … to live their faith … and continue to preach and spread the Good News of the Risen Christ. The tough got going!

Through it all … the first reading ends saying that despite the difficulties … there was “great joy” among them. They were on fire with the love

The responsorial psalm picks right up on that and says, “Cry to God with joy”.

In the Gospel … Jesus gives us good reason to rekindle in ourselves the joy that the early Christians had. Jesus identifies Himself as the “Bread of Life”. That Bread of Life … the Eucharist … brings us joy as it provides satisfaction for all hunger and thirst. It is our nourishment as we witness to those around us.

Let us open our hearts and let Jesus fill us with His life-giving love. Realizing how blessed we are … May we go about our day … filled with joy!

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