he stops along the journey to pray

Guest blogger: SMAlbertine, cssf
Guest blogger: SMAlbertine, cssf

April 30, 2015     Acts 13:13-25;   John 13:16-20

In today’s first reading we see Paul on the move … a faithful Jew … he stops along the journey to pray … and is invited to speak in the synagogue. This is an opportunity he uses to masterfully summarize the history of the Jewish nation as they journeyed within the covenant relationship with God. That journey of about 450 years finds its culmination in Jesus … who Paul clearly identifies as the Messiah.

For Paul to come to this point in his life … he took some hard knocks. It took blinding light to open his heart to receive the Spirit in his life. That rather dramatic encounter is what it took to bring him to his knees … to make him receptive to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Now … Paul is bringing that Good News to others. Some of his hearers … listened … prayed … and were likewise receptive to the Gospel. They were open to God’s truth and grace. That receptivity allowed the spread of the Gospel throughout the known world.

Today … we can look at our own receptivity to God’s word. We see the example Jesus gives us in the foot washing from the Gospel. Foot washing is an analogy for service. Are we receptive to this example of Jesus? Can we translate the model of humility and service into our lives?

The Gospel says … If you understand this … blessed are you if you do it.”

So … we must first understand the model … we must be receptive! Then … blessed … we must do.

May we … like Paul … open our hearts to the Spirit … so that we can overcome our own selves … and be ablaze with zeal to follow the example of Jesus and humbly serve others.


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