May 19, 2015 Acts 20:17-27; John 17:1-11a

May 19, 2015 Acts 20:17-27;   John 17:1-11a

So often in scripture … we read that Jesus withdrew from His mission work in order to pray.  That prayer fueled His work … and His example teaches us the importance of prayer. Jesus even gave us words to a prayer … when He taught us the “Our Father”.

In today’s Gospel … Jesus gives us a format for prayer by offering praise and glory to His heavenly Father. He came to glorify the Father … to teach us how to live … to bring us salvation … and to promise and assure us … that the Spirit would dwell among us to guide us.

Jesus also prays for those around Him … His disciples who followed Him and will carry out the mission at that time … and for all disciples of the future.

This Gospel offers us an outline of how we are to pray.

Pray for the spread of the Kingdom of God. We might say the conversion or transformation of the world.

Pray for the disciples … the followers of Jesus … that would be all of us … and those especially dedicated to spreading the Gospel.

Pray for those who will do the same in the future … those who will embrace the mission of Jesus and faithfully carry it into the future.

Jesus gives us the format … and the example … of how to communicate with the Father … and spread the Good News.

Let us confidently do our part and pray for the grace we need to accomplish the work that God has designed for us.


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