How good is your memory?

August 7, 2015 Deuteronomy 4:32-40; Matthew 16:24-28

Memory can be a fickle thing! Reminders are always helpful.

In today’s first reading … we see some evidence that the memory of the Israelites had faded over time. They wandered in the desert for a long time … and were oppressed by different cultures … so they experienced many ordeals … allowed their focus to be turned only on themselves and their plight.

They forgot that they had a God who gave them signs … who spoke to them … led them … fed them … freed them.

Their memory of how good God really was to them had faded!

So Moses with his great faith reminds them of how blessed they really are … how the God of their ancestors promised them prosperity and long life.

True … they suffered. True … they waited a long time. Also true was that their God was with them through it all. Now … they needed to be faithful … just as their God was faithful.

We often need reminders too … and often we need to refocus on how faithful we have been to God and how faithful our God has been to us.

Faithfulness is a gift and … it is a privilege. Let us be thankful … and assured that our loving God will never let us down!

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