“fools” … AND … “fool-ers”.

August 25, 2015     1 Thessalonians 2:1-8; Matthew 23:23-26

The choice of words in today’s Gospel calls attention to contradictions. Jesus gets quite feisty … He attacks the establishment … the leaders of the church … because they are unbending in their commitment to external ritual … rather than what is the heart and tenets of the faith. They are both “fools” … AND … “fool-ers”.

Jesus points out that the Pharisees and Scribes pick on minute details … but … ignore the larger and real issue of serving God and God’s people.

They look holy … but at the same time are self-serving and mean in their hearts. He calls them “blind guides”. How’s that for a paradox?

Jesus points out that true disciples are people of mercy and fidelity … who take the love of God and neighbor seriously.

All of us … as disciples of Jesus are challenged to be true to God’s commandments in our hearts as well as in our words and actions.

For us to be a people of God … we need to look at the “inside” as well as the “outside” of our lives and meld them together into a harmony that defines us as followers … as disciples worthy of our calling.

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