… what is going on!

September 4, 2015  Colossians 1:15-20; Luke 5:33-39

Movement from old ways to new … from past to present usually involves some discomfort. In our human experience … we know that sometimes … change can be difficult.

2012-08-23 07.33.33It was no different in Jesus’ time. The Pharisees and Scribes were used to doing things a certain way … and they observe Jesus’ disciples acting outside the norm! The behavior of the disciples is different from the expectation … and the change makes the Pharisees and Scribes uncomfortable and suspicious. They and the disciples of John the Baptist followed rigorous fasting … but the disciples of Jesus are feasting!

They ask Jesus what is going on!

Jesus explains that a brand new time has come … and His disciples are enjoying it to the fullest. His presence is the game changer that brings a new way of life … the disciples are feasting and celebrating the abundant life that Jesus offers.

Yes … change is difficult. If the Pharisees and Scribes realized and believed that Jesus was the Messiah …. they too would be feasting!

Jesus brings fullness of life … as St. Paul reminds us in the first reading. In Jesus … all things hold together.

May we remember that because of Jesus … we too are changed. Let us feast in the abundance of life that Jesus offers to us.


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