GOD loves His people

October 6, 2015 Jonah 3:1-10;   Luke 10:38-42

Throughout history … we have many examples of how much God loves His people … and how generous God is in providing opportunities for repentance when we stray.   The first reading … from the book of Jonah … is a powerful recounting of God’s patience … and His profound mercy and compassion.  The Ninevites believed in God … but over time … they became lax.  So … God sent Jonah to urge them to repent.  Here’s the chance for them to turn back to the Lord … or … suffer grave consequences.

Jonah enters the city and … somehow … the Ninevites are so receptive that they believe him … declare a fast … and implore God’s forgiveness and mercy.  They hoped God would hear their wailing … and withhold punishment.  And … that is exactly what happened.

This story of Jonah and the Ninevites is not just an ancient tale … it is also a reminder to us … that when we stray from God … we always have a chance to beg God’s mercy … compassion … and forgiveness to bring our lives back into God’s grace … into His loving embrace.

The story of Jonah gives us hope and reassurance that God doesn’t expect perfection … but God does expect fidelity … humility … and repentance.

All God asks is that we continue our journey with open hearts … and He will always be there for us with His love … compassion and forgiveness every step of our way.



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