October 14, 2015 Romans 2:1-11; Luke 11:42-46

October 14, 2015     Romans 2:1-11; Luke 11:42-46

What we hear in today’s scriptures is the presentation and rejection of what we would call double standards.

St. Paul clearly points out that we all are equally accountable to God. He warns the Christians of Rome about being judgmental and tells us to focus on improving our own lives rather than magnifying the shortcomings of others.

Jesus … in the Gospel … uses strong warnings to the Pharisees and Scribes … “woe to you” He says … if you do things for show and overlook the essence of your actions. Woe to you when you makes demands on others that you do not apply to yourself.

The last line of the first reading calls for an attitude adjustment … when it says … “There is no partiality with God”.

Together … today’s readings remind us of the traps we can easily fall into. These two readings point out our blindness to our own failings while we expect perfection from others.

Let us pray for ourselves and for one another that we may have 20-20 inner vision and be able to live believing what ST. Paul made clear to the Christians of Rome … “There is no partiality with God”.

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