THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK Sister Rosemarie Goins, CSSF


October 18-24, 2015

“…let us confidently approach the throne of grace to receive mercy…” (Hebrews 4:16), because we believe in a God, Jesus Christ, who has a firsthand experience of what it means to be human. He can “sympathize with our weakness.” He knew poverty, loss of loved ones, homelessness, temptations, rejections, hatred, and treatment as a criminal and was even a refugee. He was sinless, but he experienced the consequences of sin. This is the one we can trust to understand, because our faith has a strong foundation in love.

In the Gospel of Mark 10: 42-45 Jesus explains the mission of his followers – to be servants of all. In a world that is power hungry this is a real challenge. The desire to use authority to bend others to conform to a certain way without respect for others’ needs or conscience can be a disaster. Settling conflict can be a long process, but the humble, respectful and diplomatic person can accomplish a great deal. Including others in a circle of authority gives ownership. Servant hood is the Christian goal.

On Monday the Church honors the North American Martyrs, the eight Jesuits Fathers Isaac Jogues, John de Brebeuf and companions. They served the Huron, Iroquois and Mohawk in the 17th century and were martyred by them. Many Native American Christians were also martyred for their faith.

Pope St. John Paul II’s Feast Day falls on October 22 with a reminder to work for peace and reconciliation. It is wonderful that we have lived during the lifetime of so many saintly popes. They are great examples of servant leaders.

Let us serve one another with love and mercy,

Sister Rosemarie Goins, CSSF



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