October 19, 2015 Romans 4:20-25; Luke 12:13-21

October 19, 2015    Romans 4:20-25; Luke 12:13-21

The man in today’s Gospel starts out with an abundance … he has so much that he builds bigger storage areas … and in the end … he ends up empty handed. The rich man takes his blessings … and hoards them. He changes from a man with abundant blessings … to a man with abundant stress.

This man misses the opportunity to spread his material goods around to benefit others. He sees only his own earthly future … missing the preparation for his eternal future.

His stockpiling for a rainy day is short sighted. Just like King Midas’ golden touch … it becomes his undoing.

Most likely … none of us has a need to build bigger areas to store our abundance … but … let us remember that blessings are not just material … they are also spiritual … and often intangible. How about attitudes … words … thoughts … wisdom? What do we do with those blessings?

Perhaps the lesson we can draw today … is that we are not called to protect and hoard what we have … whether it be material possessions … or talents and abilities … but rather we are called to spread the abundance around … to use whatever we have for the good of those around us.

As the vision statement of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish urges us … May we be a blessing to one another!


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