October 27, 2015 Romans 8:18-25; Luke 1318-21

October 27, 2015     Romans 8:18-25;   Luke 1318-21

The Gospel today presents two images for the kingdom of God … a mustard seed … tiny at first … but eventually a sizeable bush … and yeast … which doesn’t look like much … but eventually generates a growth effect.

Externally … the seed and yeast are small things. They don’t look like much … but they encapsulate a hidden potential that makes them change agents. They are transformational.

The kingdom of God lies within us. God’s presence has small beginnings in our hearts … yet through the power of the Holy Spirit … the stirrings of God transform us.

Very often … seemingly small things have a big impact on us. We may recall a teacher or friend who supported us … or we may recall when we heard how much God loves us … or maybe a song or a scripture verse stuck with us. These may not have struck us at the time … but like a seed or yeast … they had the potential to be transformational in our lives … and only later did we realize their significance.

May we appreciate that the little everyday things we do can make a big difference and have a transformational effect for our own growth and faith life and that of others.

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