Sister Rosemarie Goins, CSSF Director Laredo, TX

November 8-14, 2015

The story from Mark 12:41-44 tells of the poor widow that contributed to the temple all that she had to live on and the great blessing that Jesus bestowed on her. When we give, it is usually from our surplus.

We will not go hungry or feel any loss from what we need to survive. The poor are often more generous than the rich. What little they have, they will share with another who has even less of the necessities.

Being in the “thanksgiving” season, it is a good time to examine our giving practice. It is important to also ask ourselves what we teach our children about sharing and giving to charity. Even sharing time with one another, as well as, others may take more sacrifice than giving of money.

Honored this week is the St. John Lateran Basilica of the 4th century, the earliest basilica of Christendom. It was ordered built by Emperor Constantine the Great to which he dedicated to Jesus the Savior. It is called Lateran because it was erected on the former property of the Laterani family. It is called St. John because in the 10th century Pope Sergio III named it St. John the Baptist and in the 12th century Pope Lucius dedicated it to St. John the Evangelist. The popes resided there over one thousand years and finally moved to Rome in the 15th century. Lateran Basilica has been re-built many times through the centuries. About all that remains from the original is a small chapel of the popes.IMG_9693

Though there are many saints honored this week, one of most interest is St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.

Of Italian birth she wanted to serve in the missions of China, but the Pope advised her to go to the United States to help the Italian immigrants in the 19th century. So with six sisters of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred, which she founded, Mother Cabrini traveled to the United States. She established some 67 institutions, which served the poor, abandoned, uneducated and sick. She is the first naturalized citizen of the US canonized by the Church. She is the patron saint of hospital administrators, immigrants and impossible causes.

November 11th is a special day to remember our Veterans. These men and women certainly shared in the extreme the offering of their very lives for freedom. Many have come home with debilitating injuries in mind, spirit, emotions and body. They need our prayer, time and support. Let us find creative ways to make their lives fruitful and joyful.

As we “walk each other home,” let us give thanks for life, family and friends,

Sister Rosemarie Goins, CSSF


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  1. Anonymous

    Excellent Sister Rosemarie I have always enjoyed and learned from your reflections. Your life has definitely been a reflection of “walking with another especially among the poor and needy and those who hunger for justice”.

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